Candle Jar Recycling Program

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

When The S&C Co. was originally founded, we never anticipated the demand that we have come to see from our customers. We started out aiming to provide classy but affordable candles. We've found that most of our customers continue to order time, and time again.

In fact, several customers offered to return their jars to be refilled when they heard there was a nationwide shortage of the tumblers we use. They had several that they had been saving.

Then, it hit us...we could reward our loyal customers and reduce our environmental impact!

We will be offering a discount to our return customers for returning their clean and empty S&C Co. tumblers! When you visit our website, you'll be prompted to select a "container type" and will have the option of selecting "refill" for a discounted price. When you pick up your candle order, return one tumbler per discounted candle.

The S&C Co. will then sterilize and inspect all returned containers, and if they are safe to reuse, they will go back into circulation. This program keeps jars out of landfills and helps us keep prices low during a time when everything is becoming more expensive. We can make a difference in our homes, environment, and pocketbooks.

Thank You,


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