Candle Making Science

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

When I first considered making candles as a hobby, I always thought it would be an easy task of assembly. I went to the closest craft store and assembled the materials I thought I needed. When I melted the cheap parafin and used a random sized wick, I realized just how wrong I was.

Candle making is a science. From balancing wax and fragrance, to determining the size and type of wick, even selecting the size and shape of a jar, and finding the right temperature to pour candles to prevent air pockets or tunneling are important factors with candle making.

We test candles from every batch to ensure the melting pool, its wick burning, and scent are up to our standards.

If you haven't noticed, we've done extensive product research, product creation, and quality control testing. We take pride in our products and want to know that our customers do as


If you want information about our ethics and sustainability policies, visit this page.

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